Information on this blog is based from my experiences. Rules might change by then so I dont guarantee that all the information I posted are still correct and updated. Photos are originally taken by me but there are also photos that I used normally from Google.

If you wish to contact me for concerns, approval for using my photos, donation as a help and any other matters please send me an email.


Hope you enjoyed my site! xx

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. hi novie ,my fiancée lyn ,who is fillipina,lives works in singapore ,she trained as a midwife in manilla ,in english 3 years , we are processing our,her fiance visa ,the uk border agency link has given ,the link to ielts exam ,general ,,,her freinds in singapore ,fillipina ,who,some teach say she does,nt need that exam , but ,just a basic ,even the exam centre in singapore know why ,she is taking the exam ,for her fiancee visa application to the uk ,there are other exam bodies,,,isol ? not sure of the spelling ,but it is tempting to use a uk agency ,but they charge so much, i have met ,lyn ,her family ,2 weeks with them all in july ,met online in january . thanks ,greetings from cornwall !!

  2. Hi there! Thanks for sharing what you had experienced. It’s really a big help for people like us.

    Me and my british fiancé has a plan to apply a fiancée visa for me.
    We are going two years as LDR bf and gf relationship. Our first meeting would be this June 2014. Then right after that we will prepare docs. And apply fiance visa for me. My question is, is it okay to apply for fiancée visa, even we will only meet once?

    Then my second question is, bank statements and certificates are really necessity for me to have? coz I don’t have big money on the bank under my name.

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Hello, well I am not really very certain about that since I have met my husband few times before we got engage but as long as you can prove that the relationship is genuine I think it will be fine. When it comes to bank statements ETC, if you can provide details or docus that proves he is supporting you or he is helping you somehow then that would be good. You dont have to have big amount of money, since your sponsor will be your husband to be.

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