Collections of Photographs (Davao Version)

Since, I ran out of lovely photos that I took using my Nikon D3100 in England and I am already back to my homeland. I want to introduce to you all my city, Davao City. It is located in the south-eastern part of the Philippines and an hour and 45 minutes via plane from the capital city, Manila.

Here are my collection of pictures.

A reptile in Davao Crocodile Park

The PEAK, Gaisano Mall Davao

One of the painting in Chiccos di Cafe in Bajada, Davao City

King of the Fruits, Durian

Street Foods

The Marco Polo Hotel Davao

Photo of used belts in one of the UKAY2x Bazaar last Christmas

Abreeza, Ayala Malls

Orangey Candle

Black Ants underneath the leaves of the plant

Flower in the backyard

Our Cheeky Hen

One of the white sand beaches in Island Garden City of Samal at night

San Pedro Cathedral

San Pedro Cathedral's Altar

Local Beach Resort in Davao

Will post more of my loveable, clean city when I get time to collect more photos. Hope you’ll enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Collections of Photographs (Davao Version)

  1. Salamat diha Jen. Lagi kaganina kay nag kaon gud kog isaw jen nya saw2x suka. Lami kaau. hahahahaha. Dalhan ra tika Jen inig ma chambahan na sad nako akoang visa. heheheheh

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