Moving To A New Blogsite

Hello Guys!

I just want to inform you that I am in the process of transferring my blogsite. It is due to my circumstances being changed and I need to be more flexible and good on time management.

I will continue to post informations that might help you in your future venture and I am glad that I helped few of you. I will post the final closure of this site and the new address of my new blogsite.

I do hope that you will still follow and continue to support my site.

Thanks ever so much!



PHOTOGRAPHY: Life, Nature and Architecture

I haven’t been active recently, I know and I must admit that I missed blogging very much. Reason why I haven’t been around is because of the circumstances in my life has changed. I was busy as well for the preparation for my next visa extension so that held me back as well. Anyway, I am hoping you will enjoy my recent photo collection.

Pollen's lover

Pollen’s lover

Sexy Hover Fly

Sexy Hover Fly

Rose at dark

Rose at dark

Three lovely, different design pillars at the entrance of Lincoln cathedral in Lincoln, England

Three lovely, different design pillars at the entrance of Lincoln cathedral in Lincoln, England

One of Lincoln Cathedral's awe-inspiring ceiling. Massive yet amazing!

One of Lincoln Cathedral’s awe-inspiring ceiling. Massive yet amazing!

Side bit of Lincoln Cathedral from the outside.

Side bit of Lincoln Cathedral from the outside.

National Insurance Number

Before you can work in the UK with a valid visa that states clearly that you are allowed to work, you have got to secure a National Insurance Number. National Insurance Number or NINo is a number used in the United Kingdom in the administration of the National Insurance or social security system. It is also used for some purposes in the UK tax system. The number is described by the United Kingdom government as a “personal account number” because it is the only number allocated to almost every adult resident of the country, it is used for some limited purposes to check identity. (Source: Wikipedia)

So what I have done to secure my NINo was I gave the job centre a ring to say that I want to apply for a National Insurance Number and they set up an appointment for me the following week for my interview. They also sent me a letter confirming that I will be attending an afternoon interview at Nottingham’s job centre.

Docus that I took were:

Job Centre’s Letter confirming the appointment
Marriage Cert
Passports of me and my husband
Driving License of my husband
My BRP (Biometric Residence Permit)
My NHS letter for proof of address
Letters from the UKBA for proof of address
Bills for proof of address

I took my folder with me where I put all of my documents so I am pretty sure that there will be no docus left behind that was needed for my interview. As a matter of fact the interview was very straight forward, the lady only asked me few questions and few documents to prove that I live on the address I provided plus few identification cards. The interview lasted more or less than 30 mins includes extra chat with her and when I was in the reception waiting to be called. She then said that they will send me a letter (used to be a card but they have stopped that already) for my NI number. After a week or so I received a letter that contains my NINo details.

At the end of the interview, I asked the lady a question of why some applicants can ring up the job centre to request a form to get NINo via phone and doesn’t need any interview in person and why some of us needs to attend the interview. She said that it depends on where the VISA was issued and its origin. For instance, the visa was issued in the Philippines (spouse, student, work) they only need to ask for a form and they will send them it by post. People that has been issued a VISA/BRP inside Britain needs to attend an interview for identification purposes.

I also live in Lincolnshire but the interview was in Nottingham so I quickly asked her why my local job centre didnt or don’t conduct any interviews for NINo applicants and she said the head office or main office that decides where an applicant goes for an interview. Also they have made Nottingham’s Job Centre Office to be the main office in the East Midlands to cater applicants for their interviews.

PHOTO CHALLENGE 2013: Self-Portrait

Eversince I have got my own mind, I have always find myself ugly. My crushes at school dont fancy or even look at me and they make fun of my personal appearance. I have never ever experience being the centre of attention apart from when I make everybody laugh and giggle. I also discover that attitude is more important than physical appearance and many said that I am a very good company and friend. My husband plays an important role on boosting my self-confidence which I am very thankful off as he continues to support and make me feel special on his own little ways.

I am very shy on showing photos of me but it gives me the courage to say that each one of us is BEAUTIFUL within and on it own way and surely I AM.

Here’s ME:

I am Novie and I am BEAUTIFUL.

As the PHOTO CHALLENGE came to an end, I have realized that it is a hard job but looking back now I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed each and every bits of it and I hope that you all had fun as well.

Until next time!


PHOTO CHALLENGE 2013: Waterdrop

This is one of my favourite yet not so favourite photography shoots. Why? Favourite because the outcome can be very nice and magical, not so favourite as it takes long time to capture a perfect shot, back aches are just unbelievable after. I told to myself after the shoot that I might not be able to do it again unless there’s a special request! LOL

Anyway, here’s my compilation of water drop photography.

Water Running from the Tap creating little bubbles.

Water Running from the Tap creating little bubbles.

B&W? Nah!! I used grey bowl for this to get this reaction.

B&W? Nah!! I used grey bowl for this to get this reaction.

B&W Effect

Refreshing isnt it? One of my favs as well.

Refreshing isn’t it? One of my favs as well. Looks like there’s a little head of dino in the middle (drop).

I used Soy Sauce and a blue bowl for this effect. Why it came up like this? I dont know! Enchanting isnt it?

Wider crater (my term/I call it).

Wider crater (my term/I call it). I love the drops!

Same combination but different outcome.

Same combination but different outcome.

It looks like SILK material to me. Looks lovely.

It looks like SILK material to me. Looks lovely.

What you think? Have I passed to the standards? Maybe not but I hope you enjoyed.